Sand Caves of Riezupe
Kuldīgas district,
Rumbas municipality,

Inese Štofrēgene
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About caves

Total length of sand caves of Riezupe ir roughly 2 kilometers. Currently we can visit 460 meters of underground caves which has rare allurement. The story goes that labyrinths of the caves has unsual power...
Caves has been constructed for fourth generations. The owner of caves is Inese Fokerota - she is heiress in tourth generation.

Sand of the caves has been used to manufacture glass - sand is as whit and clean as sugar. Temperature in the caves is constant all year long - eight degrees centigrade.
Bats have been using caves as their shelter - there are eight species of bats in caves. They pass the winter here untroubled, goes away in spring, letting tourists safely enjoy labyrinths of the caves.

People are using sand of the caves for medical purposes because sand has imbibed salt of the sea.
Eight meters underground we reach Hall of Love - place that newlyweds like. Flowers that they leave there can survive withot water for months and caves give newlyweds special power for long long marriage. Next is Hall of Faith - unusual feelings overwhelm us standing in the point of intersection of underground waters. Love, faith... and next is Hall of Hope where we feel that we are full of energy, hope, love and self-confidence!